Our Difference

The only charity in the UK that has an objective to relieve poverty, through the advancement, provision and facilitation of affordable sources of credit.
There is a big problem with high cost credit in the UK, and it keeps growing annually.
Academic research can highlight the problem, but we see a need to act now.

Fair for You has put in place a strategy to actively challenge the continued growth of high cost credit in the UK that is increasing the poverty blight of lower income households

Fair for You has set up a wholly owned subsidiary which is different to other lenders. Its the first national on line challenge to high cost credit in the UK.

We are different from other lenders, we are fully transparent and not run for profit which means we are able to offer a fair deal.

We are driven by a team that believes we can lend better into family households. We firmly believe that when this is done well, it keeps families out of poverty and not trapped within it.