Fair for You has set up a wholly owned subsidiary which is different to other lenders. Its the first national on line challenge to high cost credit in the UK.

We are different from other lenders, we are fully transparent and not run for profit which means we are able to offer a fair deal.

We are driven by a team that believes we can lend better into family households. We firmly believe that when this is done well, it keeps families out of poverty and not trapped within it.

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We are proving daily that we can remove the poverty premium and improve the wellbeing and lives of low income households most vulnerable to predatory high cost credit:

  • Directly as a result of switching from high cost credit to take a loan from Fair for You Enterprise CIC, the wholly owned subsidiary of FFY
  • 58% of people said that they were better able to run their home – this increased to 2/3rds (67%) for lone parents.
  • 45% of all respondents said they felt less anxious, stressed or depressed
  • Over half (56%) of customers with a health condition or disability said they felt less anxious, stressed or depressed
  • 61% of people with a health condition or disability said they were better able to save money as a result of a loan from Fair for You, compared to the high-cost alternatives.
  • Half of all respondents (50%) said they were better able to budget and manage their money,
  • More than 1/3rd (37%) said they were better able to pay rent or mortgage or other household bills including rent, council tax, gas and electricity and television licence.
  • 33% identified that their children’s health and wellbeing or opportunities had improved.
  • Customers also described being able to shop and cook more healthily and cost effectively, wash and dry clothes more easily and cheaply, and particularly for customers with health conditions or disabilities, to buy beds suited to their needs.

Source: Research undertaken by Centre for Responsible Credit, June 2016

Philanthropy: please donate to support the research and reporting facility. To employ researchers and analyse the huge amount of data that we have access to, creating a valuable and live resource to inform regulators, think tanks, and to guide and inform other not for profit lenders, issuing 3 quality reports annual.

  • Please sponsor a report  – which can include specific areas of concern to you and your organisation
  • Please sponsor an event – which help us to explain the benefit of better credit solutions on mental wellbeing; housing stability; utility bill and council tax payment;
  • Please sponsor a research graduate – to widen the research that we do into the impact of high cost credit mutation and the improvement on household wellbeing when an alternative is provided

Become a corporate partner:

Our partners support our work by providing a contribution annually, and are invited to our high profile events.
We are also pleased to acknowledge our corporate partners in all of our reports.

Become an ambassador:

We recognise that our work is unique and in part, revolutionary. We are newcomers in a financial services industry that works for many.
We welcome those who understand that it needs to work for all if we are not to create a generation that cannot go on to use financial services in the future.
We would welcome support from those who are equally concerned at growth of child poverty in the UK.