As a charity, we have four key objectives

  • We help relieve poverty by offering access to affordable credit to low income households, to purchase goods for the home.

  • We provide Social Impact reporting to measure outcomes and to share that learning with stakeholders, to influence the wider credit market.

  • Campaigning for, and reporting on, better credit solutions that meet the borrowing need of lower income families.

  • Helping educate policy makers, the social sector and regulators of the issues facing our customers and the real costs of borrowing.

What our supporters say

“I have met many people who have been forced into a spiral of debt and despair through high-cost lending so I was thrilled to be asked to be patron of Fair for You. At last, low income families have a straightforward and fair lending solution for much-needed household goods.”

“For far too long, far too many people on low incomes have had little alternative but to use high cost and predatory lenders to obtain basic household items. That is all about to change. Fair for You puts the consumer interest at the very heart of its business: offering quality items, affordable interest rates, and the flexibility in repayment terms that low income households need. It rejects the exploitative practice of bundling in high cost insurance with agreements and instead provides extended warranties on items at cost price.

Fair for You also takes care of its customers and treats them with the respect they have long deserved, and long been denied. It provides support for people to manage their money, claim the benefits to which they are entitled, and build up savings. It directs people with debt problems to sources of help and advice. But what is really great about Fair for You is its ambition. This is not just another small scale, localised, initiative. It is the first real national challenge to the high cost sector, and I am proud to support it.”

Damon Gibbons, CEO of Centre for Responsible Credit

“During the course of my work, I have met literally thousands of low-income individuals and families all over the UK and have seen first hand the destructive impact predatory lending organisations can have on our communities.

That’s why I fully support Fair for You’s mission to drive real change in the way low-income households access ethical credit for the purchase of essential home items. Fair for You genuinely cares about the financial wellbeing of consumers and addresses their needs holistically – from the provision of high quality goods and affordable repayment plans, to essential money- management support, ongoing help and expert advice – all of which results in peace of mind for households who are often facing challenging circumstances.”

Geoff Leech, Managing Director of credEcard Plus